In a heartbeat, life can change forever…

Around 15 years ago, I was shown something powerful. Something that would change my life forever. That something was Emotional Freedom Techniques (AKA Tapping or EFT).

I don’t say that lightly. To go from living a very small life due to severe depression and anxiety, using nothing other than EFT (because nothing else had worked for me), to where I am now, is nothing short of miraculous.


That chance introduction to EFT started my healing journey. I devoured anything and everything I could find about EFT and every single day I felt a little different. They all felt like subtle shifts, authentic, sometimes almost imperceptible, but they were happening. I would notice my reactions were different; more balanced; and I’d started to notice the good stuff more often. It was an amazing time for me. I’d found the answer. I could heal.


My life is unrecognisable. I’ve done things I never dreamed I would be brave enough to do. One of those was launching my own EFT practice when I qualified as a Practitioner in June 2010. I knew I had to share EFT with the world and my passion now is helping people be free of whatever it is they feel is holding them back from living the life they very much deserve.

And that brings me to you

I’m here for you. At times, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader but I’ll also support you in unravelling what has brought you to where you are. My promise to you is that your time with me will a be safe, supportive, confidential, non-judgemental (and often fun) experience. My practice is founded on compassion, love and believing that everyone has the right to live their life in the most authentic way possible. This means being free of the limitations you feel are preventing that, in whatever sneaky or overt guise they present. It’s about being your best you and showing up fully in the world. No one does you like you do, and the world needs your uniqueness. Go out there and shine, gorgeous!


With so much love,
Eve x

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